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Also please let us know which tire features are important to you.

After the DOT insignia is your tire’s identification number, which begins with the tire’s manufacturer and plant code where the tire was manufactured (two numbers or letters).

The ninth and tenth characters tell the week the tire was manufactured.

These represent the tire’s ability to dissipate heat under controlled indoor test conditions. Some tires have unique benefits, as showcased with specific icons.

For example, a Mountain Snowflake symbol tells you that the tire meets or exceeds industry-established snow traction performance requirements.

The final number(s) signifies the year the tire was manufactured.

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) was established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to test tires following government prescribed test methods and then grade each tire on three main components: Treadwear: This is the wear rate of the tire, comparable only to other tires within a tire manufacturer’s line. Therefore a tire with 200 would theoretically last twice as long on the government’s course compared to a tire with 100.

Any tire rated under C is considered unacceptable for road travel.

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Traction: Traction grades are AA, A, B and C (with AA being the highest grade).They represent the tire’s ability to stop straight on wet pavement as measure on a specified government track.A tire’s sidewall is pretty much what it sounds like – the outer and inner “walls” on the sides of a tire, if facing a tire on its side.Every sidewall has its own unique information that is divided into three main sections: This describes the fundamental characteristics of your tire. This assures that your tire complies with all Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards.

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Although not available online, we may be able to help you find a tire that fits your selection.Please tell us the year, make and model of the vehicle for which you would like a tire recommendation.