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This is a repost from my post in the PPSSPP Adhoc support thread.I figured it would get better exposure as the first post in a thread.We played it with 3 players (actually 4, as you will find out later) -- 1 at my house and 2 at my friend's house across the country.Our pings averaged 100 and there was very little noticeable monster jitter you can probably make do with up to 200 or so.

Hamachi will work right out of the box but limit you to 5 per network. ) but you will either need a Neo Router server to join or host your own which is what i do.

Pretty easy, just needs one forwarded port on only the server. I don't know about tungle and others since they are too advertisement-y and dirty feeling to me. Just because you see a direct tunnel to someone doesn't mean they have a direct tunnel back to you. If I remember right in Hamachi, green dot good blue dot bad.

Mods, feel free to delete my post in the PPSSPP Adhoc support thread if you like: Gonna post this because it took us a while (6 hours) but we have figured out the perfect formula on how to make MHP3rd playable with 2 to 4 players "painlessly once set up" through fiddling around and thanks to tips scattered around on this forum and in this thread.

We are extremely happy, thankful, and excited we can play through this wonderful game again with such gorgeous visuals (running 4X internal res, 4x n BRZ, 16ani, FXAA, VSync).

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Regardless of what VPN software you use, you must make sure THAT NOBODY IS IN "RELAYED" MODE. Everyone should be pingable by right clicking them in the list inside of Hamachi/NR and clicking ping. If not pingable, disable firewalls or configure them properly.Of course all computers must all be in the same Hamachi network.

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