The death of dating

30-May-2016 19:23

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In recent months, I have seen endless tweets, memes and articles about male sexual entitlement and “what we need to teach men.” These activists seem to miss an important point: the best framework for socializing young men is not Facebook news feeds but families and the colleges themselves.Because the college campus is the insular community many 18-2o somethings inhabit for four (and increasingly, five or more) years, the college obviously plays a role in socializing young men.

Colleges now promote sex weeks where they hand out condoms and lube like public city public health workers doing outreach to disadvantaged communities.There are often talks on sexual exploration and positivity but very few that promote treating sexual encounters as something that can be more than the pursuit of a pleasurable night.In the name of sexual equality, the modern college campus has been trying for decades to get away from a hard truth: When we expect men who sleep with women to meet almost no standards, many men will do the bare minimum.To put it more crassly, if a text is all it takes to get laid, many men will ensure that a text is all a girl will get.

I saw boys running through an entire female friend group.

I saw boys sleep with girls and then cut off all contact.

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