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My younger brother Charlie’s tindering crashed into our family life two years ago, mostly because he does it at the dinner table and holds out successful matches on his phone for my mother’s approval (which he never gets, because she’d rather he wasn’t on the app at all).

Like most of the answers to questions posed on "The All New Dating Game," Bachelor No. Sampson, like all of this show's contestants, is profoundly deaf.

I have friends who are addicted and use it every day.

Others deny they use it much – then quickly tell me they have a date that night.

They were all totally charming, and really excited about winning."Gallaudet has triggered off tremendous awareness," Wald added.

2's response to the woman who posed it from the other side of the wall was laced with double-entendre. His answer, in American Sign Language, was translated by an interpreter for the hearing audience.

"I think it would depend on how dark the restaurant is that we're going to," he replied. Although coincidental, the recent taping of the first hearing-impaired "Dating Game," airing tonight at on KCOP Channel 13, came on the heels of a significant event in the deaf community.

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The producers and participants in this unusual "Dating Game" installment do not believe that putting deaf contestants on the show holds the political significance of putting a deaf president at the helm of Gallaudet University, but they maintain that deaf participation in an American cultural ritual such as "The All New Dating Game" is an important step in making the general public more aware of the deaf."I think the message we're trying to give the community is that we're just like you--we date, we go out, we have fun," said Sheri Farinha Mutti, chief administrator of the Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness (GLAD), which helped in the search for deaf contestants.Except for the presence of interpreters, and such giveaways as the ISIGN2U license plate on a car in the Sunset Gower Studios parking lot, it was indeed business as usual at the taping of this edition of "Dating Game." Contestants gamely answered such pressing questions as "If you were a toy in a toy store, what kind of toy would you be?