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All articles have the same publication date, which coincides with the Issue cover date.For this model, each article will have Print–Online Coincident Model — This is a similar model to the Print-only Model, except there is a little more emphasis on the fact that the online version of the issue is published on the same date.For this model, each article will have Print with Electronic Articles Prepublished Model — In this model, some or all of the articles are published (their official publication date) online before the publication date of the print issue.

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This is not a complete list of XML elements included in the tag set.

Only the following values are allowed for this attribute: ( normal | bold | italic | bold-italic | double-struck | bold-fraktur | script | bold-script | fraktur | sans-serif | bold-sans-serif | sans-serif-italic | sans-serif-bold-italic | monospace ) Print-only Model — This is the traditional print model.

Articles are collected by the editor, formed into issues, and published and issue-worth at a time.

The difference, however, is that the online versions of the articles are electronic preprints and are not officially published.

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