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Swain posed as a high-flying property developer, promising a champagne lifestyle and making claims of deals with Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs. He’d read my profile and master-planned everything. He went on to text me pictures of his mansion, swimming pool and many cars.” In truth, Swain was a tagged crook living in a hostel after serving time for fraud.And Charlotte, not her real name, fears he may have targeted as many as 500 women. He was pretending to be my dream man.” Swain began by messaging Charlotte through the website. “I now know when we met for dates and he gestured to where I should sit, it was because his tag was on the left and he didn’t want me to feel it,” says Charlotte.“The things most important to me are my son, family and friends, my health.” But now, she reveals how cruel Christopher Swain threatened them all.Swain, 40, raped her, stole £22,000 from her, and threatened to murder her nearest and dearest during their 18-month relationship.

“My ideal man would book the restaurant table in advance, suggest we do something I have done never done before, love weekends away and travelling, laugh until he cries,” the 39-year-old mum of one wrote.She recalls: “He called himself Rugby Swain and told me I sounded lovely and I was stunning. “He used to have to dash off and said it was because he was babysitting his nephew and niece.” When he was finally released from his tag, Swain went to live with Charlotte in Northamptonshire.“At first he was a perfect partner, painting my garden fence, doing small repairs, telling me I was beautiful. He took over her finances, claiming she was a shopaholic, and confiscated her bank cards, promising to pay off all her debts.He stole her son’s dinner money, her car and kept her hostage in her home.

He even kicked her in the stomach and she miscarried their child.

So when £20,000 went into her bank account on four occasions, she believed every word.