Sw ing straight singles dating site

22-May-2015 18:39

A whopping 62 percent of those respondents reported a lifelong ambition to say “I do,” 20 percent felt ambivalent, and 18 percent said marriage was never a consideration.

Singles in the 35 to 49 year old group commonly called Generation X felt less strongly about wanting to marry, with just 57 percent saying yes to the dress or the tux, 19 percent felt “meh,” and 25 percent couldn’t care less.

And when the question of dating someone trans came up, again the survey found a deep divide: more than half of those participating said they would not date someone who identifies as transgender.

That finding surprised Garcia, according to the newspaper.

Baby boomers and others age 50 and older were split down the middle: 50 percent said they had always dreamed of their wedding day; the rest reported ambivalence or no interest at all.

When it came to kids, 48 percent of younger LGBTQ singles said they wanted children.

“I thought more people would be open to dating someone who’s transgender,” he said.

Not when it comes to three big issues that divide single lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-identifying Americans.These hot topics aren’t all that different from those faced by cisgender heterosexual singles: do you want to get married, do you want to have kids, and would you date someone who’s transgender?