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Gender Identity Disorder is a flawed merger of two conditions, homosexual transsexuality and autogynephilia, neither of which are identity disorders, but a condition of social and sexual development and a paraphilia, respectively." - Transphobia on TV (2009). The curriculum is designed to invite social work students to examine their own biases toward gender variant people, as well as aid in building on their repertoire of social work skills and strategies for practice within the context of human diversity. Tracing Erasures and Imagining Other-wise: Theorizing Toward an Intersectional Trans/Feminist Politics of Coalition.

- GLAAD reviews television portrayals of transgender characters: tv is not helping (2012). Master's Dissertation, Department of Womens Studies, University of Victoria. Debates between feminists and trans people are often narrowly framed in terms of inclusion and authenticity, or by questions about the extent to which trans identities challenge or reinforce normative conceptions of sex and gender.

The presence of male two-spirits "was a fundamental institution among most tribal peoples." Male and female two-spirits have been "documented in over 130 tribes, in every region of North America.".

- A SOFFA is a Significant Other, Friend, Family, or Ally of a transsexual, transgender, intersex or other gender-variant person. - Teacher education generally ignores transgender issues (2009). - Telling The Children: A transsexual's commentary (2001). - Twenty-Eight Narratives About Autogynephilia N/A. Convincing someone that androgyne is an authentic gender identity is difficult because people are programmed to believe that it isn't.

- Becoming What We Love: autogynephilic transsexualism conceptualized as an expression of romantic love (2007, PDF). Trangender & Personal identity: A research project sponsored by the Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Society at large dictates that gender is binary, and androgyne is not one of the two binary genders.

Early inclusion of transgender content into graduate diversity courses is essential for building a foundation for cultural competence.

- What if Its (Sort of) a Boy and (Sort of) a Girl? This missing information creates a lack of awareness for all social work students in their education of a vulnerable population.

- Developmental Model of Transgender Coming-out, Bockting & Coleman (2007). They see no evidence of it, never heard of it before, and assume they never will again, so the concept is rejected almost as soon as it is articulated. Even when the idea is reiterated, the reaction is usually the same: it is assumed to be faulty data.

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- For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch (2009). C.): High Risk Project Society: An Introduction to: Gender, Transgender and Transphobia. - From the Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology: Transvestites. Hate crimes against LGBT people are primarily based on perceived violations of gender norms, not sexual transgression, so you'd think that convincing LGBT people would be easier, but it's often not because they tend not to see the connection. - Should transsexuality be freely endorsed by Christians? - I Am Just So Glad You Are Alive: New Perspectives on Non-Traditional, Non-Conforming, and Transgressive Expressions of Gender, Sexuality, and Race Among African Americans (2008). - Entendiendo el transexualismo (1990, Translation). - Questions answered by Transgender Ireland: The Irish Association for the Transgendered (2002). Even LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) people tend to assume that a third gender does not exist. - Transgender "Differently Gendered People" What it is all about! - Ma Vie en Rose: Transgender, the child and the family (2000). - Dangerous Intersections: Intersex and Transgender Differences. Some Transsexuals are Not Really Transsexual, but Androgyne..." - Catwalk 2010 Searches for the Next Transgender Supermodel (2010). There is a gap that currently exists in the basic diversity course for the Master of Social Work (MSW) at California State University Sacramento, in that transgender specific content is not equally included. - Mike Penner: A cautionary tale of 'Transgender Regret' (2009). Training Course in Sexual Health Research, Geneva, Switzerland. Even androgynes have trouble discovering and affirming their own nature, no thanks to society's insistence on the gender binary.

- Gender Binary / Gender Identity Disorder / Related Issues - Worldwide New Items - Discrimination / Abuses / Murders / Legal Issues - Internet Resources - Films / Videos / The Arts - Bibliographies / Abstracts / Conferences - Books. A curriculum was constructed from a deep secondary meta analysis of existing information including, electronic and academic sources, historical data, books, film, and other relevant resources, including the researchers personal involvement in the transgender community.- The Gender Identity Fallacy: How an Irrational Concept Prevents a Rational Understanding of Transsexuality (2004): "Continuing to treat transsexuality as a problem of 'gender identity' confuses the issues and makes an accurate description of the psychology of transsexuality impossible. This analysis helped to determine what was most relevant to include in an introductory transgender curriculum for social work students including; terminology, history, political struggles and the specific and cultural needs of transgender people.