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Mc Entire has had such a long and varied career that it’s impossible to encompass her best work in a Top 10 list, so we were forced to list her Top 20 songs instead.

From her early, more traditional-sounding songs to her later, more cutting-edge and modern material, this list of the Top 20 Reba Mc Entire Songs draws from every era of her legendary career.

sums up the accusatory tone that makes this 1992 song one of Mc Entire’s most memorable.

Choosing to face the former lover’s illicit behavior head on, the singer’s bravery shines through in this Top 5 hit, which was written by Kristy Jackson and deserves a spot in the Top 20 Reba Mc Entire Songs.

Written by top Nashville writer Stephony Smith with Cathy Majeski and Sonny Russ, “How Was I to Know” reached No. is all we need to give all our sympathy to the one sleeping alone.

Written by Matraca Berg and Jane Mariash, “The Last One to Know” was the first single from the album of the same name, and became Mc Entire’s ninth No. kept this song at the top of the charts for four straight weeks … Written by Steve Diamond and Marv Green, the song was Mc Entire’s second release for Valory Music, a sister label of Big Machine.

Longtime fans of the scarlet-haired superstar will remember this 1996 song for reasons other than its catchy melody and lyrics that celebrate independence: Its video introduced Mc Entire with a new, short hairdo, replacing her trademark long locks.

Written by Walt Aldridge and Bruce Miller, the song reached No.

This CMA- and Grammy-nominated song serves as a cautionary reminder of the dangers of staying in a harmful relationship: We don’t find it strange at all that this was Mc Entire’s highest chart debut of her career; after all, it’s a powerful song about being pleasantly surprised by an un-broken heart.2 in the country charts, and qualifies as one of the Top 20 Reba Mc Entire Songs.remind us that sometimes walking away really is the best solution.We applaud the resilience shown in this 2009 hit, which features lines like A powerful duet combining the flawless vocals of Mc Entire and Vince Gill, this 1993 song captures the emotions of former flames reliving the past almost 20 years later. Mc Entire recorded this duet with Brooks & Dunn, and it became the title track for both of their 1998 albums.

Reba Mc Entire songs are some of the most important and popular of the last several decades of country music.

She has created one of the most successful careers in the genre by choosing to record some of the best songs in country music, in a wide array of styles.