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23-Feb-2015 02:25

Nothing was said about their kindness, willingness to feed the hungry, love for their mamas, or even cooking skills. But they WERE better simply because of their earning potential, it appears.Stop before you even hit “like.” Take your finger off that “share” button.And for the love of all that’s fair and right, cease and desist with your he-man woman-hating club commentary. Watching two clearly materialistic sisters act like rude clowns on a date is painful.Nothing about their arrogant behavior is defensible, so don’t think I am planning to try.However, I will point out there is wrongdoing on both ends of the issue. The men are disguised to look less attractive, complete with at least one fuzzy George Jefferson hairpiece and even the artificial yellowing of their teeth.Two: Steve’s point seems to be that the women were somehow wrong for not wanting to be attracted to their dates in this state.And even more importantly, the host seems to be implying the ladies missed out by being shallow. Maybe your boo will eventually get to know your good heart, unselfish nature or rocket scientist IQ, but here’s betting he didn’t approach you at the coffee shop because he sensed these awesome qualities.Isn’t it shallow to think the women would regret their behavior solely because one of the men has the bank to shop where Steve does? Women are known to also base men’s attractiveness on looks. All those likes for @postbadbeards aren’t because we ladies hate the scent of Magic Shave.

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Manchester United star Memphis Depay may not be having the best of times on the field, but that does not appear to be the case off it, as the winger showed off his new love interest Lori Harvey, step-daughter of American comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey.The 21-year-old has only scored twice in the Premier League this season, sporadically showing glimpses of his potential - a far cry from his 28-goal exploits that fired PSV to the Eredivisie title and convinced the United hierarchy to invest in the Dutchman.