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The fairs which are usually very well attended are also aimed at promoting the uptake of innovative agricultural interventions. Festo Ngulu, Africa RISING Babati coordinator noting down information given by Paskali, a farmer from Mananga village-Babati who was interested to be engaged in project’s activities and ready to offer a plot of land for demonstration activities in his village.

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“I need to get this machine; it will simplify for me the huge task of maize shelling.All children are away from home, I always experience challenges during shelling as the casual labors are drunkards and usually disappear for days when they get their first pay,” she noted.Participants and organizers of the events ranked the Africa RISING exhibition pavilion in Dodoma as the best overall during the week-long event.Over 1,918 farmers and stakeholders visited the booths and got the chance to learn about technologies and research activities that the projects implement within the country.

” said Monica Michael, a farmer from Kigugu village in Morogoro after seeing a demonstration of the flour fortification machine being promoted by Africa RISING.

Sarah Mwakimi, another farmer from Arumeru in Arusha was on the other hand very intrigued by the motorized maize shelling machine.