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14-Oct-2015 19:52

Please help out the staff by letting them know of your arrival in advance; RSVP at upennmsa.org/halalrsvp. The Penn Muslim Students Association is glad to bring back to you the hottest event held on ice: Our Penn MSA Winter Wonderland!Join us for our annual FREE midnight skating event tonight, open to ALL college students.Anyone wishing to eat Halal can simply request halal meat at the counter for lunch and dinner.Furthermore, once a week the expo station will be featuring an ethnic halal dish!

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Sheikh Yahya Rhodus studied various sciences including Tafsir, Hadith, theology, jurisprudence, legal theory, the Prophetic biography, and Arabic poetry.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “On Friday there is a particular time if a Muslim happens to be praying and invoking Allah for something good during that time, Allah will surely fulfill his request.” Update: Sheikh Yahya Rhodus will be unable to attend Jumuah due to severe traffic.

Come join the Penn MSA community for Friday congregational prayer!

Inshallah we will be joined by Sheikh Yahya Rhodus in Platt Rehearsal Hall on the 2nd floor of Houston Hall at pm.

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