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In January 2014, a state dog warden found this kennel to be operating without a license.

There were more than 50 dogs and puppies on the premises.

The kennel had been previously licensed and had been cited and warned numerous times by state officials for issues related to inadequate housing, poor ventilation, piles of feces, veterinary care issues and other problems.

"It's disappointing that despite great strides in enforcement in 2014, Pennsylvania continues to tolerate repeat offenders with nominal fines," said Sarah Speed, director of the Pennsylvania office of HSUS.

"The process for license revocation is cumbersome and far too easily manipulated by bad actors.

The Humane Society of the United States today released a report the 101 worst dog breeding kennels in the United States, among them were four kennels in Pennsylvania and a New Jersey dog dealer who buys puppies from Pennsylvania kennels.

In its eighth annual report on conditions in commercial breeding facilities in the U.

S., HSUS highlights kennels where federal and state inspectors documented an array of violations and inhuman conditions including leaving dogs to suffer in the extreme heat and cold, leaving dogs to suffer from untreated medical conditions, euthanizing animals rather than provide them warmer conditions.

In June 2013, state animal wardens noted that there were 70 dogs on the premises and “all dogs were due for veterinary examinations on or before May 5, 2013, and they had not been completed.” In 12/13/12, the kennel received a warning for unacceptable ammonia levels and a rodent problem in the kennels.In 2010, the kennel received multiple written warnings for dogs without water, excessive feces, unsafe conditions and other problems. • JR’s Kennel, Quarryville, PA – Piles of feces, operating without a license.