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Durability is another feature of optical media; they last up to seven times as long as traditional storage media.Optical media are storage media that hold information in digital form and that are written and read by a laser; these media include all the various CD and DVD variations, as well as optical jukeboxes and autochangers.Optical media have a number of advantages over magnetic media such as the floppy disk.The dots were read by a laser, converted to an electrical signal, and then to audio or visual display for playback.Russell's own company manufactured the first disc player in 1980, although the technology never reached the marketplace until Philips and Sony developed the technology.In late 1982, Philips and Sony released the first of the compact disc (CD) formats, which they then called CD-DA (digital audio).In the years since, format has followed format as the original companies and other industry members developed more adaptations of the original specifications.

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The first disc that could be written and read by optical means (using light as a medium) was developed by James T. In the late 1960s, Russell created a system that recorded, stored, and played audio/video data using light rather than the traditional contact methods, which could easily damage the disks during playback.

Russell developed a photosensitive disc that stored data as 1 micron-wide dots of light and dark.