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Light rail plays and will play a key role in this respect.Light rail plays a key role - as for instance the new systems in Alicante, Barcelona and Valencia prove.We like these new systems and invite you to join us on our study tours to these fine cities and their rapidly improving public transport.This webpage offers background information on developments regarding light rail and high quality public transport in Spain.The revised version is extended with a Recent Developments section.Photos: (C) Lightrail.nl/Rob van der Bijl & AS Oslo Sporveier/Terje Grytbakk Barcelona, October 5, 2005 Oslo's 'O2-group' on duty; mr. Bestit (Gerent of TRAMBAIX & TRAMBESÒS; standing right) delivering an excellent presentation.

This webpage offers some background information on the Spanish light rail scene, as well as a case study on the new tramway of Bilbao and some additional information on transit of Alicante, Barcelona and Valencia, as well as some other cities.

Spain's economy is booming and so its cities expand rapidly.

A previous version of this webpage was made to support the Norwegian tour 'Public Transport & Urban Planning in Spain - Barcelona, Valencia & Alicante' (October 4-9, 2005).

This tour was assigned by 'Oslopakke 2' (Oslo, Norway) and has been prepared by Rob van der Bijl (Amsterdam, Holland) and Axel Kuehn (Karlsruhe, Germany) .

It comes to no surprise that new public transport is under construction or in planning in the urban regions and cities all over the country.The metro system of Madrid has been enlarged impressively.