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At GJ Golf we use state of the art tracking devices that not only track ball measurement but help with your golf swing analysis by measuring 27 variables related to your Ball, Club or Swing.

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GJ Golf, Grand Junction’s premier golf shop has everything you need for all of your golf ventures. To help you with your game or getting that perfect set of clubs fit exactly for you — visit GJ Golf.

We are a high-tech teaching and club-fitting facility with an indoor teaching and practice bay as well as a state of the art 3 panel golf simulator with over 50 courses.

In addition, we are the go to for all of your re-gripping needs we have a studio set up just for re-gripping clubs.While a traditional driving range can be a great place to learn, it might not be the best learning environment for a new golfer or the best practice option for a serious player trying to perfect their skills.

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