South asian interracial dating

30-Mar-2015 15:13

Source UNITED STATES, May 11, 2009 (Gori Girl): Want to settle the debate on how much interracial marriage there is in the US?I know I'm tired of hearing the occasional uninformed comment on how South Asians just don't marry people outside their ethnicity, and isn't it downright odd that my supposedly proud-of-his-Indian-heritage husband would do so?

Well, the statistics on interracial marriages in America are now here, courtesy the US Census, so we can put this baby to rest. I'm going to only present the South Asian related statistics here, but Dr.

Actually, the statistics have always been "here" since the 2000 Census information was released, but I'm not such a numbers nerd that I felt like crunching the raw data myself with SAS or STATA. Le has the same sort of information available on all Asian ethnicities, and you can tease out information about other ethnicities as well.

Luckily for me, a pair of sociologists have already done the dirty work, and their results have been made available at Dr. The data on interracial marriages is broken down first into the sexes - so we can see how intermarriage varies by gender , and then into the three following groups, each of which gives us a snapshot of the whole picture:1.

Marriages of ALL South Asian individuals, whether the person is an immigrant to the US or not.

This data is great in one way, as it let's you know what types of marriages the entire South Asian population have, but it's also troublesome.The problem is that a lot of married people immigrate to the US, and they'll be counted in this group too.