Solo graduates dating service

04-Mar-2016 02:21

My sincere thanks to Bircham University." Abdul Hannan Kakar (Afghanistan): Master's Degree in Community and Social Development TESTIMONY: "This is to confirm the receipt of my master degree and the supporting documents.In my opinion BIU fulfilled international learning and teaching standards (i.e.inclusiveness in education, quality education, equity and equality, integrity and validity)." Abdikadir Mohamed Haamud (Somalia): Bachelor's Degree in Community and Social Development - Social Work Master's Degree in Public Health TESTIMONY: "I joined Bircham University from Puntland State of Somalia, during my learning I really gained knowledge, skills and progress.A person's reputation depends much on his or her professional career and achievements.

I say once again thanks to Bircham University that facilitated my learning while studying at my own pace." Abdo Miled Abou Jaoude (Lebanon): Doctor Ph. Antoine Abou Assaf, Bircham University's delegate in Middle East and North Africa, and Dr. They both provided me with all the help I needed to complete all the work that I have done during those years.

Moreover, the distance learning program is a fantastic adventure rich of pleasure and knowledge that I invite everyone seeking knowledge and self discipline to experience.