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It is a living document that we will update with your contributions.To suggest an item to add to the timeline, please message us.Lessons use a story thread about a young man (Tad Shy) from the 9th Planet who is learning social skills on this planet.Teaching plans include include role play, improvisation, social stories and student production activities.Services for children 2-20 years of age, including several social skills groups.

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This series of videos on You Tube focus on a puppet named Buddy. Classes will be led by education specialists and will provide opportunities for participants to build social skills, interact with peers, and discover recreational and leisure activities.

Buddy needs help learning how to have proper table manners, eating in a restaurant, and overcoming other social challenges. A new educational initiative called, “On the Town,” a program for youth ages 14 -24 who live with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Name: Melva Radtke Credentials: Social coach; employment consultant; post-secondary navigator, Autism Works; Social skills teacher, Autism Society of MN; Parent, young adult on the Autism Spectrum Email: [email protected]: Click here » 9th Planet produces engaging social skill modeling videos and ready-to-use teaching plans for ASD teens and young adults.

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