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25-Aug-2016 06:29

’ It happens all the time, so lots of times when I’m dating I don’t tell men what I do sometimes for at least a month.

I want to see: Is this someone who I would like anyway?

If not, you can read about her dating disasters on Dear Tamika.

“He knew I was working, that I was probably on stage doing a show that meant a whole lot to me, and ripped whatever joy I got from that from me. I kicked myself for disrespecting the audience by not bowing.”Dating is tough, especially when it comes to dating in New York City.

Double that when you add Broadway and television actor to your online dating profile.

I have to examine my suitors.” The city, itself, could be the problem.

Scheduling can be difficult (“Trying to look real cute at 5 o’clock and go to a wine bar and have cranberry juice at the bar and see if any guys come around, knowing that you have a call, is not nailing it,” she jokes), showmances can come to a messy end, and determining your date’s intentions can be confusing.“The guy that I had to pull the knife on—he would still write me,” she says. He was a dentist, but he was trying to be a DJ or create mix tapes, so he Googled me and saw what I did, and was like, ‘Do you think you could get my tape to Idina?