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12-Jun-2015 21:08

Ah Germany, makers of fine luxury and sports cars, gummi bears, nymphomaniacs that are into dirty sex, lederhosen, bratwurst and the world’s finest beers.It is perhaps the only country where “sausage party” could possibly ever refer to an acceptable event you might want to attend.If you change airlines you often end up spending the night.The most likely hubs you’ll pass through are going to be London, Paris or Frankfurt if you’re coming from the US.Frankfurt will also have much better talent than London.Milan or Amsterdam may also come into play but not as likely.Although Amsterdam has it’s merits Frankfurt is going to be the cheapest place to hang out of all those listed.2.) Your budget isn’t tight and you’re importing your own talent.

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A lot of times you may find that the cheapest way to get somewhere involves a stopover and possible change of airline at a major European hub airport.You might find a mega deal on a major carrier to Frankfurt and then a super deal using Kyak (or similar site) on a smaller airline to your ultimate destination.I bet you can’t wait for me to get back to that whole “nymphomaniacs that are into dirty sex” thing… I hate to burst your bubble but Germany is very strong talent there, however that talent is rarer than in Eastern Europe and many other places, plus Germany is by no means cheap.Unfortunately Germany and the UK, not to be outdone by the United States, are currently engaged in a fat race.

It’s kind of like the space race between the US and Russia except instead of the goal being landing a man on the moon the goal is to be the fattest country in the EU.

Nevertheless, there are three good reasons to visit Germany: 1.) Your budget isn’t tight, you like beer, fast cars, no speed limits and just want to experience another culture and see some cool shit.