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02-Jul-2016 08:07

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Even for the default fields Share Point adds them once the item is checked in.I am not sure how useful the event is as I was not able to even retrieve the item that was being added in that event.But there is no option to manage the default permission level for a List Item.Whenever a new item is added to the document library, Share Point adds the parent’s permission levels down to the child – i.e.document library’s permission levels to the list item – This is called Role Inheritance (Blue Line in the Diagram 1).So, if you want to add unique permissions to a list item, you need to first .

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Using site settings, you can configure the default permissions for the document library.It is very simple to explain in simple words – I want to set unique permissions on each file in my document library.And the same in Share Point words – I want to set unique permissions on a List Item (SPList Item) which resides in a List (SPList) which again resides in a Share Point Web Application (SPWeb).I had two options : 1) Handle adding unique permissions in any of the document library event handlers (of your choice) 2) If you have separate application dealing with adding items to the document library, then you can directly handle permissions in that application Well, I needed both because I had to set permissions on the item when 🙁 I started to investigate which event handler to use.

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Since I had to access item’s properties(fields), I had to choose Item Updated event handler. Below is the ‘event sequence’ that happens when you upload a document in the document library: Once the item is checked in, Share Point allows you to provide values to the custom fields that you may have for your item.Now remember that since I am using an event handler to set permissions, even If I perform an update via the code, my event handler will fire up, which is great!