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11-Jul-2015 08:44

While the high-profile group has received numerous accolades from the state for all the hard work they’ve done, that’s as far as it goes.Still, it is highly unlikely for Tasovac to have the same level of support from “cultural” society that he had when he assumed the ministerial position in 2013. The latest affront: independent artists in Serbia cannot obtain basic health insurance because of debts incurred against National Pension Fund (PIO), deficits created by the city of Belgrade, not the artists themselves.This issue is also being ignored during the campaign.Despite being illegally operated, the theater was visited by noted photography director, Elen Kuras, Alain Badiou - famous French philosopher and Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Tsipras, among others.Veljko Lopicic, a filmmaker and activist with the Movement for the Occupation of Cinemas, which took over Zvezda’s building and told BIRN that even now, after more than a year of activities going on at Zvezda, state authorities at the Ministry of Culture still doesn’t respond to demands for help resolving Zvezda status.No one has mentioned these gaping holes in Belgrade’s cultural life during the campaign, or pressed for corrective action.But, despite the broken promises, Tasovac said in an interview with Al Jazeera Balkans, he’d agree to serve once more if called by a new Serbian government.

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Election campaign season is an opportune moment to talk about culture in Serbia. For Serbs, these topics are so painfully obvious that mentioning them during “small talk” or in a street chat could be considered a faux pas.

But the fact that none of the leading candidates leaders chose to bring up this critical matter during the election campaign shows the lowly place that culture has among Serbian political elites and parties. Belgrade has been deprived of two critically important museums for more than decade: the National Museum, closed in June 2003, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, closed eleven years ago.