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08-Nov-2015 04:17

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The final item(s) is/are the amazing looking Nyan CYBER 3DS LL Silicon Cover Cat which will be available in pink (pictured above), black and sand and will be ¥1,280 each.

The most amazing thing about this cover is that you can actually play your 3DS LL with the cover attached and with cute little cat ears pointing outwards (as shown here)!

Next is a less sexy looking Ace Attorney 5 3DS LL Pouch (pictured here) and is priced at a whopping ¥1,575.

Back to sexy with the Ace Attorney 5 3DS LL Cleaning Cloth (pictured here) which is ¥630.

Finally a couple of decals starting with the Ace Attorney 5 3DS LL PC Cover (pictured here) for ¥1,575 and Ace Attorney 5 3DS LL Stickers (pictured here) for just ¥714.

Non-Ace Attorney 5 we have two One Piece, er, pieces, both being One Piece 3DS/3DS LL Corresponding Touch Pens (pictured here and here) and will retail for ¥420 apiece.

Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast: Week in Review! Editor-in-Chief (aka never sleeps) for Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Digitally we will see Hebereke (pictured, and ¥500) as the sole Virtual Console (Famicom) release.

Other releases see the voice chat app Chat Chat Everyone (¥980), Sega’s sixth 3D Classic 3D Galaxy Force II (¥800), Arc System Works publish Coaster Creator 3D as Let’s Make a Roller Coaster!

(¥5,040) - I haven’t had time to even load up the demo yet, and Chibi ☆ Devi!

2 (again ¥5,040) - which looks like I’d enjoy the hell out of it if I had: a) the funds to buy and b) the time to play.

Physical releases are topped off by the potentially huge Ace Attorney 5 which will retail for ¥5,990.

The second biggest title is the update to Fantasy Life, entitled Fantasy Life LINK! Other retail releases include Beast Saga: The Strongest Clash in the Colosseum (¥5,040) - I enjoyed the demo although I don’t foresee high sales, Hoppe Cyan Tsukutte Asonde Puni Puni Town!!