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29-Dec-2015 20:16

That it is divided into crura or legs, bulbs, foreskin and a head.That the only difference between a clitoris and a penis is that most of the female erectile tissue is internal – and that it’s often longer, at around 8 inches."“It’s also vital to know that the equivalent of a penis in a woman is not a vagina, it’s her clitoris," Fillod added. 24, said in a statement that his ex-girlfriend filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Jung Joon Young.The woman initially filed a lawsuit against the actor on Aug. By then, the case was already with the East District Prosecutor’s Office.

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"Women get erections when they’re excited, only you can’t see them because most of the clitoris is internal.I wanted to show that men and women are not fundamentally different.”Many scientists even believe all female orgasms "emanate from the clitoris," Psychology Today explains. states require abstinence centered sex education and less than half of the states in the country don't require schools to offer any form of sex-ed. But despite the acquittal, the scandal it created – which is similar to what another actor and singer, Park Yoochun, recently went through – made Jung Joon Young resign from his shows “2 Days & 1 Night” and “Mr.Baek: The Homemade Food Master” before the court acquitted him.

The female orgasm also has mental and physical health benefits: "hitting the o" releases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, which can relieve pain and lift your mood.

His victim, a former girlfriend whom the celebrity allegedly filmed a sex video without consent filed a lawsuit against Jung Joon Young. But it turned out he was investigated for sexual harassment for using a hidden camera to film their sex encounter.

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