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09-Feb-2015 07:40

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The Wall Street Journal's Richard Paddock has the details.

JAKARTA—Court trials will begin this week in Indonesia over alleged child sexual abuse that has riveted Indonesia's the expatriate and business communities and could help determine the future of one of Asia's best-known schools.

According to Castrol's Magnatec Stop-Start index (clunkily named after a gas product, of course), Jakarta's caught in the most traffic jams on Earth, with approximately 33,240 stop-starts per year. Jakarta, Indonesia - 33,240 And here are the 10 best cities for traffic: 10.

And Mexico City, Mexico, comes in third, with 30,840 jams a year.

JAKARTA, Indonesia—A global investigation into an American ex-teacher alleged to have sexually abused hundreds of students at international schools for decades has landed on the doorstep of a prestigious Indonesian school already reeling from another sex-abuse scandal this year.

An unspecified number of former students at the Jakarta International School have reported to the U. Federal Bureau of Investigation that they believe they were sexually abused more than a decade ago by former Middle School teacher William...

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As for the fastest-moving cities, Tampere, Finland takes the lead with just 6,240 stop-starts, while Rotterdam, Netherlands, where everyone rides bicycles anyway, gets jammed up a mere 6,360 times a year.

Bratislava, Slovakia, and Abu Dhabi, UAE, are tied in third place with 6,840 jams apiece.

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