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The Labour defence team, which was supposed to be looking at various options, has different personnel every day, and the Tories are indicating that they are prepared to wait for a new government to form before the debate takes place.The question then would be what happens to Trident if Scotland becomes independent after a new referendum.When the original plans were being considered for basing Trident’s predecessor, Polaris, in the 1960s, Milford Haven was on the shortlist.One of the reasons it was rejected at the time was because Esso had just established an oil refinery in the city and the Mo D decided that it was too risky to have submarines and oil tankers in same confined stretch of water.Now Milford Haven also has liquefied natural gas facilities and handles 30 per cent of the UK’s gas supply.The SNP is adamant that Trident must be removed from Faslane, and a written constitution would ban nuclear weapons from being based in Scotland.Two possible sites to rebase the submarines would be Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire and Plymouth.The problem with this is that becoming “a relatively marginal economic player” means there will be budget cuts and defence is one of the sectors likely to suffer.

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Discussing the security aspect of Brexit, Admiral James Stavridis, of the US Navy, was of the view that “a new British government will presumably be a very motivated Nato partner”.

The former head of Nato forces in Europe held that “now it has chosen to become a relatively marginal economic player on the international stage” the UK will choose to show its standing, not least in the relationship with America, by demonstrating commitment to its own defence and that of allies.