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Just a few pointers to get you started and of what you’re up against.

Do note that everything is based on personal experience and may be biased by my own opinions.

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Tip: Download the app so you can compare between web and app prices.D – Drinking water Here’s a rule of thumb: Do not drink tap water anywhere in South East Asia unless you’re in Singapore. E – Exploring The most common ways to explore places in SEAsia are by bicycles (rentals per day), motorbikes (by rental or by hiring someone) (Philippines), the train or by walking.A – Agoda I’ve never even heard of Agoda until I moved to the Philippines.I’ve mentioned Agoda in my previous post, being the most reliable and most affordable in Southeast Asia.

There’s so many things to write about my experience that I intend to in the future, but for now, I’ll start off with the basics.

I remember having such a hard time at the beginning of my research prior to my trip. So I thought I’d start off writing about some general things on backpacking South East Asia that are definitely worth knowing about.