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But since 1995, Dogfish has given you a reason to stop.If they put an amount of minutes before the word “IPA” and slap it on a label, it’s worth drinking the beer inside.But for beers like Nugget Nectar Ale, which will pleasantly bitch-slap you in the face with hops (93 IBUs! And they're constantly innovating, releasing multiple brews each year as part of their Scratch Beer Series, like a Red Beet Saison and a Triple Mango IPA.New York: When Brooklyn Brewery started in 1984, the word hipster likely referenced something involving fanny packs.Though it's only about five years old, NOLA Brewing's doing its damnedest to put New Orleans on the map for something other than it's celebrated Beads for Boobs program; it's giving Abita a solid run for its money by actually making beers with the best ingredients regardless of cost, resulting in beers like the six malt, six hop IPA Hopitoulas and a citrusy, sweet, 8.8% ABV double IPA with one of the best beer names ever: Mechahopzilla.With hundreds of new operations firing up their fermenters every year and filling America's shelves/bellies, "craft beer" is quickly becoming "beer that is everywhere, and really, very good, and I want some more, please". But with so many breweries around, it can be tough to separate the great ones from the guys who don't make the best beer, but happen to have bottles with a really cool Corvette-driving velociraptor on them. Pennsylvania: Yuengling is America's oldest brewery, mostly thanks to inexpensive brews that fill up many an East Coast college dorm mini-fridge. We now present: our list of the best craft brewery in every single state. The scene simply hasn’t exploded yet, likely because everyone there is way too busy listening to The Boss and wondering exactly how many of the Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes Chris Christie could eat in one sitting. Flying Fish has been doing really good things since the '90s, and Carton Brewing does a righteous 12% Belgian strong, but River Horse comes out on top for us, mainly due to a nice spread (from Double IPAs to a pretty serious Tripel to an Oatmeal Milk Stout), and, perhaps more importantly, their mascot: the best hippopotamus mascot since you were seven and they were Hungry Hungry.

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But Brooklyn gets points for being the bellwether, and if you haven’t had Black Ops yet, do that, and you’ll understand.

Delaware: Delaware is the state everyone drives through to get somewhere else.