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Texas Fatherhood Summit: Strengthening Services to Support Fathers, Child & Family Research Partnership and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services' Prevention and Early Intervention Division.

this is a self-paced tutorial on abuse for clergy, spiritual leaders and teachers.

The purpose is to provide leaders with the needed information on issues of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault.

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If you would like to have your webinar, event or training considered for inclusion on this list, please details, including the name of the event, date, location, sponsoring organization, registration information, other pertinent information and a person to contact about the submission.Louis, Human Trafficking Collaborative Network and Barnes Jewish Center for Practice Excellence.Heartland Campus Safety Summit 2016, Jana's Campaign, Johnson County Community College, University of Northern Iowa Center for Violence Prevention, Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, Clery Center for Security on Campus and End Rape on Campus.this previously- recorded webinar was developed to help prosecutors and criminal justice partners identify, evaluate, and develop improved responses to cases involving battered women who are arrested for using violence against their abusers.

public perceptions of how victims should respond to physical and emotional trauma often conflict with the way victims actually behave, and these misconceptions can severely affect the fact finders’ assessment of victim credibility and ultimate case outcome.Experienced professionals familiar with victim behavior understand that victims have individual responses to trauma that are often counterintuitive to public expectations, but may be unable or unsure of how to explain this to the jury.