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Joe’s, Drexel, Temple and UPenn — for news on local frat chapters that have, let’s say, lost sight of their purpose over the years.

Approximately 9 percent of undergraduate men are affiliated with a fraternity at Drexel.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Drexel was suspended in 2010 for two years for hazing-related offenses.

According to Drexel’s official fraternity and sorority website, the university still does not recognize this frat — or six other fraternity chapters.

With only three frats, 6 percent of undergraduate men are a part of fraternities on campus. With such a small fraternity population (and Greek population, for that matter), St.

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In March 2013, the university made a statement pointing out that one such chapter, Kappa Sigma, did not follow proper university procedures to become a recognized fraternity.For this, they wouldn’t be entitled to any privileges allotted to other established chapters.On March 9, Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma decided to take the “True Gentleman Experience” they live by to a new whole level with their racist chant.Next up was Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho frat and their photos of nude, unconscious women and drug sales.

The school has 19 frats (including cultural or honors chapters). Three former Tau Kappa Epsilon bros attended and pledged the Drexel chapter with one another in 1992.A decade later, a reunion turned into a horse racing conspiracy in which the trio used telephone and computer betting accounts to fix a bet that paid out .2 million.