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“I was ostracized,” Schosser asserts, expressing absolute certainty that her lack of audience was connected to her pro-Israel stance and events in Gaza the previous summer.She had gone from full audiences of 800 people to a scanty viewership of 16.“It burned my career- I’ve been put out of the artistic community.

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She didn’t realize quite how much this would affect her career until she directed a show called To Schlosser's delight, the show had received the support of the EU, the Belgian government and the city of Antwerp, totaling a sum of over 60,000 euros.Schlosser felt "stung" by her countrymen."I lost my love for Belgium over the past couple of years, because I feel like they don't love me anymore," she laments.Noémi Schlosser has been active in the Belgian theater since the age of six.Growing anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment in the past few years, however, have isolated her in the arts community in her home city of Antwerp, eventually driving her to Israel where she is making her debut with a play entitled .

“I had been in the business a long time and finally had received proper funding,” she recalls.

But when the play hit the stage, nobody from the artistic community showed, nor did the press deem it fit to cover.