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When he's in a room with other famous people, Kutcher doesn't feel like he belongs. "There were midgets, there were some fat chicks in the pool." Mr. 3 takes a seat behind the desk, where he talks about his plans for dominating the WWE. When his friend Matt spotted Jenna and Barbara Bush, Matt graphically described his amorous intent, oblivious to the glares of the Secret Service agents: "I'd fucking nail the shit out of that bitch! Nevertheless, Ashton met the twins, who asked what he was doing after the party. When I checked outside, one of the Secret Service guys asked me if they'd be spending the night. And then I go upstairs to see another friend and I can smell the green waiting out under his door.

He says, "I feel like the butler, like I should be serving people and not sitting at the table. "Come on upstairs." I follow him into a small office, wondering whether I have the right house, looking around for hidden cameras that might be recording this scene for "We had a crazy, crazy party last night," says Mr. Kutcher has said that the goal of is to get the victims to cry or throw a punch; I decide to enjoy the ride. Everyone ended up going back to Kutcher's house, although he insisted the Secret Service stay outside. I open the door, and there he is smoking out the Bush twins on his hookah." The next morning, Kutcher picked up his phone — and didn't get a dial tone.

That's why I like doing — I get to meet all these celebrities." Kutcher, 25, has shaggy good looks, an unusually broad forehead and a talent for playing genial morons. This means that if most members of the American public have thought about his personality at all, they assume he's a sweet but dim guy who walks around in a cloud of marijuana smoke. He assumes that ever since the Bushes' visit, the Secret Service has had his phone tapped.

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For Kutcher, being stoned in Iowa in 1996 meant sitting in a basement, listening to the Prodigy and White Zombie, grooving on the black-light posters.One night in such an environment, with nothing to go on except his altered consciousness, Kutcher declared that one day he would go on a date with Jennifer Aniston.