Sex chat germane

19-Aug-2015 00:50

The newsgroup is *not* about personal-ads, email-me, let's-chat 1-900-SEX posts, ads for commercial services, or binaries.

It's talk about romance and fun and general silliness.

Where are all the good men/women (Alternate answer #2) 17.

The newsgroup is *NOT* the place to post personal-ads, email-me, let's chat, 1-900-SEX posts, angst, ads for web pages or commercial services (dating services, catalogs of erotic material, etc.), or binaries. BTW, the 'chat' in the name has nothing to do with the 'live chat' rooms and other public forums with some of the subscription services (AOL, Prodigy, Genie, Delphi, IRC, etc.).

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The results will open in a new browser and your NCJRS session will remain active for 30 minutes.

But you said this was a place for meeting people!!!

Ads for comercial sevices, 1-900 numbers, and web pages 9.

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