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We had a “heated” conversation about this and I basically explained this reconnection concept to her and told her I felt left out and kind of brushed aside when she was able to do this stuff for strangers and then not for me.

(good communication) 🙂Then there came the big struggle…There was a regular that was coming to see her.

And he started stepping over some boundaries talking about meeting and what not.

This was all in my effort to explain how uncomfortable I was with this pseudo-relationship.

I like to think I am not a jealous guy, I absolutely love that she is sexual with these other people…But this one individual bothered me, a lot.

Well, as is the case with anything new and exciting, things will run HOT for a while and then they’ll regain a sort of equilibrium.

So your wife is doing this awesome thing, that you’re being very supportive of.The reason I was ok with how things were was because even though she was showing off and doing these private things with someone else and I wasn’t involved was because of the reconnection we had.