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08-Aug-2015 04:45

If any of my 2010/2011 brides want to add a CRAZY CAM to their wedding, just shoot me an email at [email protected] The amazing woman behind Lindeman Weddings and Events– Erin knows how to throw a party.

The first 3 booked get 0 off– just because I am so excited to do more of these.

And it made for some good fun at Saturday’s wedding. Stay tuned for more pictures from Karin and Ryan’s winter wedding.

It’s a new twist on a photo booth- a mini portrait studio right off your wedding reception dance floor.

Known to North Seattle prostitutes as the "Mayor of Aurora," Laughn Elliott Doescher offered up his RV as a safe place for streetwalking women to detox.

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I love that the Crazy Cam found its way to the Scene section in the Puget Sound Business Journal.The Sex and the City Event was such a success- Erin of Lindeman Weddings and Events is such a rock star event planner.