Scotish marriage and dating customs

24-Jun-2015 03:43

A romantic getaway, Switzerland is the land of exotic nature.

Weddings rich in culture are traditional weddings in Swiss Style.

Some friends plan games like kidnapping the bride or arrange a surprise wedding for the couple.

The former game is part of the tradition because in some Swiss weddings, in the past, it was necessary to kidnap the bride to fight the hostile relatives on the brides side.

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A Swiss wedding is a medley of customs, new and old and entertainment, music, dance and songs.The maid- of- honor and the best man act as the coordinators of these performances.Though the marriage Switzerland are traditional, the guests tease the newly weds during the Swiss marriage ceremonies.The latter is done, when the guests decide to surprise the couple after the ceremony.

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Amid exquisite nature, remarkable mountains, gushing waters and romantic castle, traditional Swiss weddings with all the rich customs intact, is an enthralling experience.In Switzerland, only a couple, who are man and wife according to the law, can exchange vows in a church.