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28-Jun-2016 16:23

As for the sex, well you should already have understood by now that I am a male.Finally: I did some things that might not seem very schizoid of me at first glance (being a journalist or a trainer or working in a shared office).And not just married, but being with my special someone for now over 14 years (hands up for her being able to endure my lack of emotions) take that you “” shrink definition, I guess you did not think that it takes two people to have a relationship, and I found the one that can sustain it.Of course being schizoid for as long as I have been (well really since always probably, thought you cannot be diagnosed a schizoid until after the end of childhood, when your psyche is suppose to be conform to the society standards) comes with other personality traits.Especially if you are looking for some kind of an archetype of schizoid.For example I am French AND Canadian (do not understand “French Canadian”).Having dual citizenship is merely relevant, but actually having lived into two different societies (and different they are, even if both occidental) is the kind of experience shaping a mind differently.

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Particularly in the case of schizoids, for whom uniqueness is of the essence.

So that you better understand the blog and my thoughts ( it is of importance that you understand what the Schizoid Personality “Disorder” (SPD) is. Like the fact that I am married, very rare for schizoids, especially male ones.

Take also into account that I have a daughter born (September, 2000) and raised in Canada (Ontario).

The ethnicity, age and sex are also important factors; I am Caucasian and born in December, 1970 near Paris (France).

Evidently the most related thing about the author is that he is schizoid. Believe it or not being schizoid is just a part of who I am.I am not arguing that it is a very important part and that a lot is rooted by that, but all schizoids are not the same and it will be very restrictive to think that because some people share a common cell in a table printed in some shrink books, that they will all have the same personality…

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