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05-Sep-2015 03:26

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By the way, remember that even back in the day, during the civil rights era, there were some white people risking their lives to fight for the rights of black folks. The group was threatened with physical harm, but they still pressed on with their mission, and unfortunately, some of them were killed.

For example, during the civil rights era, there was a group known as the Freedom Riders that was comprised of blacks and whites; they traveled from the north of the U. Were these white folks who were willing to suffer for the sake of black people racists?

For example, have you had bad experiences/know someone who’s had bad experiences with some Korean-Americans in Los Angeles?

Don’t hold all Korean-Americans accountable for this.

To dissuade black women from dating interracially, some black folks will tell you to remember the racist acts perpetrated by white people against African-Americans. You can’t hold one person accountable for what others in their race did if they weren’t involved.

Would you want everyone who first met you to assume you’re a criminal all because there are some black folks engaged in criminal activity?

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Arguments Against Some Reasons You Are Told Not to Date Interracially: First, I’ll start with a success story.Below the picture of wedding bells is a video of Traci and Jeremy, a married couple that met on EHarmony.Please recognize that there are kind and mean-spirited individuals in every race and give people the benefit of the doubt.The line of thinking on this paragraph should apply to your approach with any group of non-black people.

(I’ll make one exception to this principle by saying you shouldn’t date a man who is from a country where arranged marriages are common—like India—because the chances he will marry you are virtually nil.)Additionally, those who seek to stop bw from dating out will sometimes say that the black race will die out eventually if bw date interracially.

The harsh reality is that even if bw don’t date and marry out of the race, the black race in America is going to die off in the long-run.