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23-May-2016 08:04

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Sagittarius is loyal so (s)he cannot stir your jealousy. Although Sagittarius lives with the same intensity you do, (s)he doesn't analyze these feelings as deeply as you do it, and neither does (s)he ask questions about his/her own person.Yes, Sagittarius is the sign of philosophers (and of single people par excellence), but (s)he analyses what's around him/her, not inside him/her.Briefly, you take things too seriously, Sagittarius doesn't.It's a relationship in which you'll have the control, but you'll need much tact to keep your Sagittarius in one place.A dictionary would be very useful, and right from the first evening.

The second problem with a Sagittarius is that (s)he uses the expression "always, until the end" very often, but that usually means until next week.

Sagittarius doesn't get involved for long term too easily.

Sagittarius needs much independence and any possessive Scorpio is terrified at this gloomy word which means that person will not belong to him/her.

You two love as strongly and intensely, but your definitions are very different: "you love me, therefore you're mine", you say; "you love me, therefore you let me find my way", says Sagittarius.

Well, this is the point Sagittarius stumbles at, no matter what a good hunter (s)he is.Because Sagittarius knows how to love and be devoted, as only Fire signs know. Meaning that (s)he doesn't say "I love you / you and only you / you and I until the end" every day, (s)he doesn't always show it.

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