Safari top sites not updating

27-Sep-2015 19:24

Apple released i OS 8.1.3 update in 27th January 2015.

This i OS update add some support and bug fixes like prevent users from entering Apple ID and password for Facetime and Messages, prevent multitasking gestures from working on the Apple i Pad and reduce the amount of storage needed to perform the update.

It’s up to the consumer now to choose the browser they’d like to use.

While IE still comes bundled with Windows, today’s O/S’s actually give you a choice as to which browser you’d like to use.

Well, it’s actually easier today than it used to be.Back in the 90’s when Netscape ruled the browser world, Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer (IE) with its Windows O/S (which ruled, and still does rule, the O/S world), thereby forcing people to switch to IE for web browsing. In the face of antitrust litigation, that’s all changed.However, setting the default browser won’t by itself make the other browsers go away.They may still pop up from time to time when you open a link within an email, or click on a desktop icon, etc.

We will try to find solutions for your i OS 8.1.3 issues and inform you via comment.

Why do operating systems (O/S)’s such as Microsoft Windows have to make it such a pain to successfully be able to set your default browser of choice?