Rupaul who is he dating

28-Nov-2015 14:14

So you're seeing it for the first time with strangers? It's a little surreal, but I was in such a haze when I was filming, because it was all so exciting, that I didn't really soak it up.

And she’s made her hometown prouder than a parade of rose princesses.

Her first win, for hilariously portraying the cult icon and cousin-to-Jackie Kennedy, Little Edie (the subject of a documentary, Broadway show, and movie, all called star Edie Monsoon, Hoffer has described Jinkx as “an over-sexed middle-aged woman” who is “decidedly unfashionable”), she continued to trounce the less-sophisticated competition with her singing, dancing, and, most of all, incredible comedic skills.

Despite the other girls perpetually brushing her off as a one-trick comedy queen, she’s become the first contestant in the show’s five-year history to be in the top three for eight episodes in a row (the last record was five).

Over eleven weeks, the judges shaved down the pool of contestants from 14 to three: Jinkx, Alaska Thunderf*ck (love her), and Roxxxy Andrews (hate her).

I'm so hooked to the show that I don't even pay attention to what's going on around me. Are there dramas that they're fluffing and other things they’re missing? It's not like the editing is completely fabricating everything.

It just makes everything a little bit more dramatic, like [dramatic music tone] “dun dun dah! What’s it like to watch the other queen’s confessions and how they talked about you?