Robert plant and allison krauss dating

16-Oct-2015 09:20

Plant is a relaxed and attentive conversationalist, not one for protocol.

“It must be strange for you to wonder what you’re going to say to a guy like me,” he says at one point.

Though there’s a genre-hopping, intercontinental bent to the music, lyrically the record is a reflective and deeply personal work about coming home.

The album featured production by T-Bone Burnett and songwriting by Plant, Tom Waits, Sam Phillips, Townes Van Zandt and Gene Clark among others.

Throughout 2008, Plant and Krauss, along with Burnett, toured in support of the album.

“I walked past this guy sitting in a fold-out chair reading a music magazine, and it had a photo of us as nubiles. He said, ‘That’s Led Zeppelin.’ I said, ‘Ah, okay – and who’s that guy?

I had sunglasses on and my hair was up in a top-knot.

’ It was a lovely moment and we were chortling away like two Laughing Policemen.

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’ He said, ‘That’s Robert Plant.’ I said, ‘What does he look like now?

’ The guy shrugged his shoulders, so I lifted my sunglasses and said, ‘Look!