Rob pattinson dating nikki reed updating texas voter registration

18-Jul-2016 12:28

Of course, these sources are of the Ted Casablanca and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, getting PG frisky up in Vancouver.

That’s what any girl does who supposedly still has a boyfriend, right?

“He always looks like he just woke up.” But another hotel insider dishes that shortly after Nikki, who plays Rob’s adopted vampire sister Rosalie Hale, returned to L. for a few days, “Rob was hitting the 12th floor, where Kristen is staying!

But he’s frequently spied at the hotel, staying over with Kristen or Nikki, a source tells Star.

“He often arrive late and leaves early in the morning, so we all know he’s hooking up with one of them.” Or maybe even both!

Like “Cutie Robert Pattz thinks K-Stew is the bomb! ” Anyway, though mothers and daughters seem to adore Robert Pattinson equally, there’s trouble in mom-approved paradise.

Kristen Stewart allegedly is still dating this actor named Michael Angarano, and yet multiple sources are claiming she’s hooking up with R-Pattz.

The costars were grocery shopping over the weekend when a fellow shopper noticed the duo “holding hands” as they walked around inside.

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Robsten quickly turned incognito when they noticed people staring, and all of a sudden kept their hands to themselves. While Rob, 22, is sinking his teeth into playing vampire Edward Cullen in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to the megahit Twilight, the real drama is raging off set between Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed!No need to hide, babes, come out of the dating closet already! Online, “The Awful Truth”] “Robsten” isn’t as cute as R-Pattz and K-Stew, Casablanca. “The girls are competing for Rob’s attention,” a source tells Star.

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