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18-May-2016 11:20

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"I hope this sends a warning," Attorney General Mike De Wine told one of Harlow's CNN colleagues Tuesday after two Twitter users — including a cousin of one of the convicted — were arrested after direct threats to the victim."And I can assure you, we've been monitoring Twitter for 24 hours and continue to. As the verdict in the Steubenville case made clear, date rape is rape, leaving a party with your attackers is not a sign of consent, and a drunk woman is not "asking for it." And the young girl in Steubenville, who according to testimony was unconscious and barely moving when she was attacked multiple times, was found to be far from consent.

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If there's anybody else there crosses a line and makes a death threat, they're going to have to face the consequences." These other Twitter threats certainly aren't death threats, but who's watching the online bullies, and isn't that crossing some kind of line? Since the verdict, this kind of second guessing has been focused not so much on the dark side of rape apology flooding corners of the Internet as, well, on TV personalities. Harlow was actually one of the first national TV reporters to arrive on the scene in Steubenville and contributed several balanced reports from the trial.But on Sunday, she was discussing the aftermath of the verdict on live TV with host Candy Crowley when she made the following "analysis": I’ve never experienced anything like it’s incredibly emotional, even for an outsider like me.