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Later on in this page, we have included some services that can help if you want to talk about this.

The Australian Classification Board (ACB) is a government agency that classifies films, computer games, publications and internet content into categories (like MA15+, X18+, RC).

There are also crimes that can apply if you send or show porn to other people who are under 18, even if it’s a private place like your house.

While it's not usually against the law to view porn online, viewing porn that's violent/abusive or viewing porn too often can sometimes be unhealthy.

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I’m really disturbed by some porn I’ve seen online – who can I talk to?I’ve accidentally come across child pornography – what should I do?Videos that show violent, cruel or otherwise offensive adult sex, sex with minors or sex with animals are refused classification (RC).Both X18+ and RC videos are technically 'prohibited'.

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Is it illegal for me to view porn on the internet if I am under the age of 18?My boyfriend or girlfriend keeps asking me to try something that they’ve seen in porn but I don’t want to – what can I do?