Reative dating

26-Mar-2015 09:43

You may both already know how to rollerblade, so that would be too easy. Create a CD of your favorite love songs and stuff a picnic basket full of your sweetie's favorite foods.Drive out to a secluded spot and leave the headlights on.Creative dating ideas don't have to cost a lot of money.They simply allow you to spend time with the one you like (or love! Painting is a creative dating idea that can be as inexpensive or pricey as you'd like.Up the ante by seeing who can create the best ice cream sculpture. If you've been dating for a while, you probably have photos, ticket stubs, and more. Take an evening to collect them all and put them together in a collage or scrapbook. For example, divide a neighbor's leaf-covered yard into sections to rake and see who finishes their half first.The loser has to buy dinner and/or movie tickets to the movie of the winner's choice.Meet back up later to see how your collections compare.You could also use the pictures as clues in a scavenger hunt, combining two creative date ideas. Warm each other up when you're done trying to keep your balance on the ice.

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Paint each other's portraits with a goofy theme involved. You could even visit an art class and pick up techniques together.

While anyone can go out for ice cream, it can be more interesting to create your own sundaes. Come up with a good deed for a neighbor, then see who can complete their portion of the task first.