Radioactive dating for middle school

25-Oct-2016 23:14

However, due to the radiation contaminating the wild boars’ food source, the boars are considered a health threat if eaten.Wild boars living in the exclusion zone of the Fukushima disaster have been tested for radioactivity.With no one to control the boar reproduction in the area, the boar population grew by 330 percent in the five years since the disaster.With the population surging, the boars began causing mayhem in surrounding farmlands with the beasts causing over million in damages to the agricultural areas.Sadly for those hoping to consume the boars, the meat tested 300 times the legal limit for human consumption.Therefore, the boars cannot be used as a food source but are seeing a population boom due to the lack of humans in their area to cull them accordingly.Meanwhile, the boars are leaving the zone to cause havoc in surrounding farmlands resulting in over million in damages to the area.

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The wild boars are able to reproduce unhindered in the nuclear disaster exclusion zone, increasing the population of the boars by 330 percent since the Fukushima meltdown.notes that the boars are not only a problem for the farmland but also for children and people in the area who must protect themselves from the beasts.