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22-Feb-2016 01:45

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Misunderstandings occurring as a result of a miscommunication on a dating profile.

For a time, my profile listed my favorite book as I came to understand this was an error in judgment on my part. Maybe you’ve created a landing page for an expensive giveaway only to receive a bafflingly low quality and quantity of leads.

We leave the house at the EXACT same time each day when trying alternative commutes. We do a quick evaluation of the speed of the grocery store checkout people before choosing a line. We see this as an opportunity to introduce landing page concepts to a broader audience.

Lots of people get excited about optimizing their dating profile.

You know what that purpose is, but do the people who visit your profile?

You’ve undoubtedly heard horror stories at happy hours from your single friends, or maybe you have a few stories of your own.

I went on dates with four different people who assumed I would be able to keep up in a conversation discussing the history of the Marvel (or is it DC? Were you really communicating what you thought you were? Well, the right images are important — on your dating profile and on your landing pages.

Landing page optimization makes the accountant smile. I would like to invite you into the world of optimization obsession by introducing you to a new series of blog posts coming your way: Optimize My Dating Life.Subscribe to this Series We asked Megan – one of our Conversion Scientists – to document an optimization project in which she applies everything she knows about increasing conversion rates to her online dating profile.