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21-Nov-2015 07:36

“W All the same, the changes are very much in line with how Linked In has been trying to develop its wider platform.

“We came to a conclusion just being a reader and organising that is not enough,” Akshay Kothari, Pulse’s co-founder who has led the development of the new apps, told me in an interview about some of the motivations behind the update.

You can still add specific publications into the mix alongside this, and for those who are using the current Pulse app, you can continue to do so until the end of this year.

Kothari tells me that rebuilding the app in this way had always been in the startup’s sights.

“But right now the aim is to deliver a useful Pulse experience.” He adds that there is “no strict timeline” on when they will come — leading me to think that ultimately, they will appear.

Pulse, the news reading app founded back in 2010 and acquired by Linked In in 2013, is today releasing a major overhaul of its i OS and Android apps — the first major updates since getting bought, in fact.The app will now feature a cleaner UI that borrows a swipe-left to reject/swipe-right to save gesture borrowed from popular apps like Tinder, but perhaps more importantly it will provide a whole new approach to how it helps you discover news.